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    The Kodungallur Town Co-operative Bank Ltd. No.102 was established in 1921. As its name itself indicates, the vision of our establishing fathers to serve and financially support the people of Kodungallur area as its corporate mission; the bank has during its long and prosperous journey been able to reframe itself as a vibrant, rapidly growing, service-oriented and trendsetting financial establishment with strong core values. With a widespread network of branches across its entire operational area, KTCBank's success has been built on its commitment to ethical banking practices and providing best-in-class customer service.

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    Full-fledged Branches all over Kodungallur
    Full-fledged Branches all over Kodungallur
    8 AM to 8 PM <br> Banking Branches
    8 AM to 8 PM
    Banking Branches
    Delighted <br> Customers

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    EMI Calculator
    EMI Calculator

    EMI Calculator

    Now it's easy to calculate EMI using our EMI calculator.

    Loan Amount (₹)

    0 10Cr

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    Interest Rates Interest Rates

    For 12 Months Only: 6.50% (Special rates for Senior citizens)

    Revised interest rate on Term Deposits with effect from 6th June 2021

    For 12 Months Only: 6.00% (Others)

    Revised interest rate on Term Deposits with effect from 6th June 2021

    Latest News Latest News

    • Dear Customer, as per the revised NPCI guidelines w.e.f 01.08.2021 all monthly debits (ECS) will happen on due date, even if the due date falls on a holiday including Sunday. Please keep sufficient balance in your account.
    • 10% rebate for UMT loans.
    • Special Interest rates for Senior Citizens (upto 6.50 %)
    • 6% Rebate on total interest paid for non-default prompt Loanees
    • Now Easy Gold Loan @8.50% Only
    • Housing Loan @12.40%

    Download KashX App

    KashX Android application from KTCBank offers you convenient, secure banking from anywhere in the world.

    • Check your balance, deposit checks and view statements.
    • Transfer money between your accounts.
    • Exchange money with friends and family even if they have accounts at other banks.
    • Set up alerts through email, text or push notifications.
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    A RBI Licensed urban bank Registered with DICGC.          സാമൂഹിക അകലം പാലിക്കു . സുരക്ഷിതരായിരിക്കു . ജോലികൾ വീട്ടിൽ ഇരുന്നു തന്നെ സാധ്യമാക്കു . KSEB / BSNL / WATER BILL തുടങ്ങി വിവിധ ബില് പേയ്‌മെന്റുകളും MOBILE / DTH / FASTAG തുടങ്ങി വിവിധ റീചാർജുകളും AMAZON / FLIPKART / PAYTM / PHONEPAY തുടങ്ങി വിവിധ ഓൺലൈൻ സ്റ്റോറുകളിലും KTCBank Rupay Debit Card അനായാസം ഉപയോഗിക്കു .

    Debit Cum ATM Card

    A Debit cum ATM card is a card that gives you online access to your Bank Account.
    • Purchase goods at Merchant Establishments.
    • Withdraw cash from ATMs in India and abroad.
    • Online shopping, booking air/rail/movie tickets & utility bill payments made easy.
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    Debit Cum ATM Card