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Savings Bank Deposit

A Saings Bank account is meant to promote saings habit among people. It also helps in bringing financial discipline among the people. KTC Bank Saings Bank accounts facilitate people   to access accounts at the time of financial needs. There is not only safety to these deposits as well as return in the form interest at a fixed rate, currently it is 4.00% p.a. At KTC Bank, customers always enjoy serices with a personalized touch. The Kodungallur Town Coop Bank is a 100% CBS enabled bank & customers can get the benefit of 'Any Branch Banking'.
...find the Up-to-date and Attractie Interest Rates for the Deposits;
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Saing Bank Account can be opened by
  • Indiidual – Single or Joint
  • Minors – with Guardian
  • Regd. Institutions & Trusts (Charitable)
  • Customer Information File (CIF) form (for new accounts)
  • Account opening form, duly signed by the account holders
  • Introduction from existing account holder
  • Photograph of account holders
  • Photo identity such as photocopy of PAN Card, addhar, oters ID, Driing License, etc...
  • Proof of residence in the form of photocopy of Ration Card, Electricity / Telephone bill, etc...
  • If the address in addhar, oters ID, Driing License, etc... (ID Proofs) is same as the residence address, the separate residence address proof is not required.
arious Saing Bank Schemes aailable with us includes
  • KTC Bank Saing Bank Scheme - With Cheque Book Facility (Account can be opened with a balance of Rs. 1000/- only.)
  • KTC Bank Saing Bank Scheme - Without Cheque Book Facility (Account can be opened with a balance of Rs. 500/- only.)
  • KTC Bank Salary Saing Scheme (SSS) - Group Salary SB scheme (Account can be opened with a balance of Rs. 10/- only.)
  • KTC Bank No-frills (Zero balance) Saing Bank Scheme – Account with Zero Balance (conditions apply) without any type of serice charges.
  • KTC Bank Minor Saing Scheme – A Minor who attains the age of 10 (Ten) he/she can operate saings account indiidually for his/her small needs.
Basic Features
  • Nomination Facility
  • Personalized Cheque-book facility
  • Standing Instruction Facility
  • RuPay Debit cum ATM Card

Other Serices
  •  ATM usage
  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. personalised banking
  • Fund remittance facility such as issue of Demand Draft, Pay Orders.
  • Any Branch Banking through Core Banking Solution
  • Lockers at Competitie Price
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10% Dividend announced for the period 2016 – 2017.

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New Vehicle Loan @ 11.28% For 7 Years...

6% Rebate on Total Interest Paid for non-default Prompt Loanees.

O.D Upto 6.00 Crore

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