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Recurring Deposit

KTC Bank helps inestors to cultiate the habit of monthly saings with the help of its Monthly Recurring Deposit schemes where inestors can een start with a ery nominal amount of Rs. 100 per month.

...find the Up-to-date and Attractie Interest Rates for the Deposits;
that suits your customized needs...

Recurring Deposit Account can be opened by:
  • Indiidual – Single or Joint
  • Minors – with Guardian;
  • Regd. Societies & Trusts

  • Customer Information File (CIF) form (for new accounts)
  • Account opening form, duly signed by the account holders
  • Introduction from existing account holder
  • Photograph of account holders
  • Photo identity such as photocopy of PAN Card, addhar, oters ID, Driing License, etc...
  • Proof of residence in the form of photocopy of Ration Card, Electricity / Telephone bill, etc...
  • If the address in addhar, oters ID, Driing License, etc... (ID Proofs) is same as the residence address, the separate residence address proof is not required.
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